Barriers in Providing Energy Efficient Lighting

The energy efficient lighting is often recognized as a symbol for energy efficiency. However, energy saving constitutes a major component for energy conservation and power saving. And, the government is trying for various measures and scopes for reducing the energy consumption through energy efficient lighting schemes.

So, it has been observed that, there are several barriers which occur in providing energy proficient lighting schemes for various reasons, including, high capital cost, lack of knowledge and good quality products. And, even though the high frequency electronic glass provides power savings, but yet they faces major problems like: humming sound and production of harmonics by some of the electronic products, high cost of the electronic circuit, and automatic switching on and off of lighting by using the electronic sensors.

Some of the measures which contribute to the economic use of the energy efficient lighting include the following: the maximum use of sunlight detectors, use of energy efficient lamps such as: slim line tubes, HPMV tubes, CFL and TL 5 tubes. Then using of the high efficiency luminous, high frequency chokes and reducing the intensity of artificial light by using the sunlight. Some of the measures also include segregating the general and task lighting and using of the sensors for automatic switching on and off of the lighting.

However, despite of this, there are innumerable barriers in providing the energy proficient lighting. These include: having high capital cost for example: using of the energy efficient fixtures like, Asian E+ with T5 lamps, sensors, electronic detectors, electronic chokes, and dimmers have a high capital cost. Then, lack of awareness about the product for example: some of the products which contributes to the improvement of the efficiency of the lighting are not available in the local market, which in turn results into lack of awareness.

Apart from this, it also depends upon the availability of the good quality products, for example, there are not proper guarantees about the energy efficient accessories or products, that whether they would perform well or not and provides satisfaction to the customer. And, it has been observed that, the life span of these electronic products have got limited time period and often they produce humming noise. So, that’s why it is recommended by the Telecom Buildings in India for using of the few energy saving devices and fixtures, as this would definitely increase the awareness about the power and energy consumption.

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